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What is lorazepam?

Lorazepam is a drug belonging to the group called  ' benzodiazepinas' the intake of which affects the central nervous system producing a soothing effect. It is used in the case of the patients of anxiety disorders.

Indications of when and how to use lorazepam:

This medicine is sold under prescription. You can buy ativan online here legally. It is taken orally without having to take food previously. The dosage prescribed by the doctor can vary from 1mg to 10mg daily, equally distributed in  3  or  4  times'  intake daily according to the disorders of the the patient.

The treatment of the patient of the anxiety disorder starts normally with a dose of 2mg to 3mg daily divided in 3 or 4 times' intake throughout the day.  If it is necessary, the doctor will increase the dosage in the further prescription.  As for the problems of insomnia, the dose varies between 2mg and 4 mg daily distributed in several doses in the day, only that, in this case, the highest dose should be taken  before  taking rest.

In case of the elderly patients it is recommendable that the dose does not exceed  2mg daily. If necessary, the dose will be increased as long as the patient can tolerate it.

Although Ativan does excellent results in the people who take it, yet it is a drug to which easily originate an addiction. For this reason the patient's condition should continuously be maintained changing  the dosage gradually  if needed.  If the doctor determines the completion of the treatment, this should be a  gradual process  so that  the patient can avoid developing an abstinence syndrome.

Precautions to be taken while preparing to start a treatment with Ativan.

This medicine is not recommended for people who have depressive disorders because, if they are not properly medicated, the patient may develop suicidal tendencies.

It can also cause drowsiness, temporary visual deterioration and dizziness and  so it is recommended that under treatment with lorazepam, the patient should not

Justtry to drive any type of vehicle or manipulate heavy machinery as he can not safely  perform such activities. It is recommended that neither alcohol nor any other drug should be taken while treatment with lorazepam continues it can lead to overdose. Before preparing to take  another drug under treatment with lorazepam, it is a must to consult the doctor whether they are not contraindicated.

If the  patient is about to undergo a surgery, he has to inform his doctor that he is taking lorazepam.  As it is recommended, this medicine should not be taken during pregnancy as it may cause asverse effects in the fetus or the post-birth moments.

Side effects:

The  commonest side effects that occur in patients taking  lorazepam are drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, loss of body coordination, vision difficulties, stomach pains, change of appetite. If any of these side persists or worsens, it is good to inform your doctor immediately.

Still there are more severe side effects which are not as common as mental changes, intellectual changes, suicidal tendencies, depression,  difficulty in speaking, muscle weakness, memory problems, symptoms of infection with fever and sore throat), persistent changes in the vision, change color of pigmentation of the skin or eyes, convulsions or respiratory failure.  In any of these cases the patient must be treated immediately as the effects are so severe that can cause permanent damage. If you have any condition not mentioned above but that disagrees with or disturbs your daily life , you should visit your doctor.


In most of the cases of overdose under treatment with lorazepam some indications were found as to whether the patient takes alcohol or other drugs at the same time;  so in these cases you have to do analysis to know whether the patient is not under effects of other substances at the time of taking lorazepam.

The symptoms found may include drowsiness, confusion and lethargy in mild cases and in others, more severe symptoms such as ataxia (loss of muscle control), hypotension, cardiovascular depression, respiratory failure, bloating, coma and even death  . Coma and death generally occur in case of the intake of other substances in addition to lorazepam.

When and if  the patient suffers any of these conditions, he should be treated immediately.  Then he should be administered fluids intravenously, an intubation to ensure proper breathing, a wash of the stomach to remove toxins and a constant monitoring of his blood pressure and  pulsations..  If It is not necessary to wash stomach, the patient is given carbon tablets to take through oral route which prevent the said toxins.